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Introducing Rotai Heart Rate Tracking Massage Chair

Equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Heart Rate Detection technology, this chair not only provides a therapeutic massage but also accurately monitors your Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Level to ensure your health is prioritized.

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Every Heartbeat Matters

In a world where the hustle never stops, and the stress keeps piling up, we often forget to listen to what our hearts are telling us. But what if your daily sanctuary could do more than just help you unwind? What if it could keep a watchful eye on the very rhythm of your life?

Meet the Royal Magestic Pro Massage Chair, a throne fit for royalty that doesn’t just pamper your body but also tunes into your heart’s health.

A Royal Treatment with a Heart

The ROYAL MAJESTIC PRO isn’t your average massage chair. It’s equipped with a DUAL-CORE SIMULTANEOUS PRESSING system that mimics the sensation of four hands working in harmony, doubling the efficiency and halving the time needed to melt away the day’s worries.

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But the crown jewel of this majestic experience is the Heart Rate Detection AI Program. The A68 Navigator is a marvel of technology that uses photoelectric sensors to collect pulse waves, calculate your heart rate variability, and assess your body’s fatigue levels. It then tailors a massage program just for you, ensuring that every session is as unique as you are.

Massage chair, massage chair heart rate detection and blood oxygen level test

Tailored to Your Heart’s Content

Imagine a chair that understands you, that knows when you’re tired and stressed before you even say a word. The ROYAL MAJESTIC PRO does just that with its Real-time Measurement of Fatigue Data. Developed in collaboration with the Shanghai University of Medicine, this feature ensures that your mental and physical fatigue is not just understood but effectively addressed.

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Massage Features That Speak Volumes

With nine distinct massage features, including 7-Segment Positioning and Body Shape Detection, this chair doesn’t just massage you; it communicates with your body. The One Touch Rocking Function and Quick Air Bag Wrapping are like a symphony for the soul, while the Hot Compress For Legs and Foot Roller Scraping are odes to your well-being.

A Segment for Every Need

The Seven Segment Partition Position extends a 1431cm SL-type guide rail that covers your body from head to thigh, offering a 20% longer massage stroke than previous models. Each of the seven segments is a testament to our dedication to your comfort and health.

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Full Body Airbag Massage

The chair’s Full Body Airbag Massage system is powered by a robust 5-valve atmospheric pump, delivering a massage that’s both rapid and powerful, enveloping you in a cocoon of comfort.

Picture of Rotai Massage chair Dubai UAE, Massage Chair uae Rotai Massage Chair, best massage chair in uae

Intensity and Pressure at Your Command

With five levels of intensity and three levels of air pressure, you can customize your massage experience to suit your mood and needs, whether it’s a gentle caress or a deep tissue massage.

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Health Programs for Every Lifestyle

The ROYAL MAJESTIC PRO offers 22 automatic programs across six categories of health programs, designed to alleviate various types of fatigue. Whether you’re a hardworking parent or a dedicated professional, there’s a program for you.

Intelligent Detection for a Personalized Fit

The chair’s Intelligent Detection system accurately identifies different body shapes, ensuring a perfect fit and a massage that feels like it was made just for you.

Massage Chair uae Rotai Massage Chair, best massage chair in uae

Zero Gravity for Ultimate Relaxation

Experience the bliss of zero gravity with a wide-angle swing that lets you sleep as peacefully as a baby. The Royal Magestic Pro Massage Chair offers a range of 131° to 163°, allowing you to find your perfect angle for relaxation.

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Foot Roulette Massage for Daily Pampering

Turn your home into a spa with the Foot Roulette Massage, perfect for rejuvenating your spirit after long periods of sitting or standing.

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Control at Your Fingertips

With four major control methods, including music play, access buttons, and voice control, the ROYAL MAJESTIC PRO MASSAGE CHAIR is as intuitive as it is luxurious.

Massag chair uae rotai massage chair dubai | best massage chair

The Royal Magestic Massage Chair is more than just a random massage chair; it’s a companion that cares for your heart as much as it does for your body. It’s an everyday luxury that understands the importance of every heartbeat and the value of health in our lives. So, sit back, relax, and let the Royal Magestic Massage Chair take care of you, because every heartbeat truly counts.

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